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Unlock the Power of Innovative Solutions: Knowledge Cartridge Leads the Way!

Knowledge Cartridges

Our innovative concept of the knowledge cartridge draws parallels to the classic video game consoles of the past, where various games were played by plugging in different cartridges.


At InterTech, we apply this concept to our Aitek solution, allowing us to develop customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Our knowledge cartridges provide tailored solutions that can be plugged into the Aitek platform, empowering businesses to take control of their operations like never before.


Discover the power of the knowledge cartridge and revolutionize the way you think about solutions.

Knowledge_cartridge_console copie.png

Sector of Activities

Thanks to years of experience, Intertech has developed Knowledge Cartridges based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in several sectors

Image by Jonas Stolle


CRM, Fraud Detection, Predictive Maintenance

Doctor's Visit


Doctor Assistance, Bed Management, Operating Room Management

Image by Vlad Deep


Customer Churn, Claims Management, Fraud Detection

Warehouse Workers in Hardhats

Companies Management

Supply Chain Management, CRM, Predictive Maintenance

Stock Market Down


Intelligent Digital Bank, Anti-Money Laundering, Due Diligence, Tax Declaration

Security Room


Homeland Security, Customs Security, Territorial Security

My Pocket Country

My Pocket Country is a revolutionary platform that combines all the essential functionalities required for a country to operate efficiently, all within a single environment.


With this advanced solution, governments gain the ability to offer a diverse range of solutions to their citizens and institutions, from top-notch security to advanced banking services to virtual shopping malls and more.


My Pocket Country streamlines operations, simplifies complex processes, and empowers users with the tools they need to succeed. 

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