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Our Mission

Intertech's mission is to provide companies wishing to improve their value generation, with solutions using the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, in the form of Turnkey Venture and without disrupting their work habits

Message From the CEO

"18 years and 21,000 man-days of R&D in many different sectors have allowed us to refine our technology and offer the best possible solutions to help companies improve their value generation"

Bruno Ciroussel, CEO

Our Story

Intertech is the result of 18 years of Merge & Acquisition in the Tech sector.


The adventure starts in 2004 with StarFramework and its product BI++, a data-driven semantic BPM methodology whose backbone is risk and performance that generates a data warehouse.


In 2012, Business Investigation was created, introducing Machine Learning and having for solution GPS, a behavioral reading of business activities through the analysis of underlying data related to the activity. GPS is still used by some customers today.


2019 and 2020 mark the strengthening of the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with Copernicus (R&D only) followed by Intertech. The Aitek engine is then created and integrates the notion of IoT, Intelligent Alarm Agent, Diganostics, Action Plan, Auto-ML: Machine Learning that generates Machine Learning...

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